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Hi everybody,

I recently bought a LOL Shield and a RTC and I want to make a digital clock like this:


Can anyone help me with the code? The library of LOL Shield is very complex and I can't find a way to start.

Thanks :)


Start with the LoL_Shield_FontTest.pde to see how to display characters.  Get the time from your clock chip and display it.

Have you figured out how to draw "10:48" in 14 columns?  That's less than three columns per character!  You may want to scroll the time through.
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Hey John, thanks for the answer!

Yeah, I'm working with this .pde since yesterday and actually have no way to display what I want horizontally...So I found this clock:


Any idea of how to make that? I know I have to draw each point in the shield. In the library examples, have any one that I can use to draw each "pixel"?



I had some progress here. Looking to the library, I saw that I can use LedSign::Set to set any led on or off in the matrix.
Now I will draw the digit and let see what happens!


How about a TixClock (search with google to see examples) . . . I have successfully managed to get days, month, hours and minutes comfortably fitted onto the LoL Shield using this approach . . . and you get something a little more interesting and unique !

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