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Hi people

I recently left my arduino uno kit alone for a bit due to my uni buying bulks of e-blocks goodies (karma is a bugger)..  i got my hands on all the goodies and oh my word.... frustration does not even come close to how i am still feeling.

I found that the support in the official forums is limited to the point where u cant make a thread unless u buy the official copy of software they use.... flowcode. So arduino wins hands down there.
Secondly the arduino ide works perfectly once downloaded.. where as the e-blocks which uses avr studio give so many problems.. that u constantly have to uninstall driver/software just to get the programmer working.
finally what makes arduino best best best best by far is the example code and willingness of everyone on the forum to help one another. eblocks only has flowcode examples.. which means if flow code dont work u are stuffed.. which is what happend to me.

thats my trolling for the year XD

Thanks people.
Arduino ftw...


I like the look of that e-blocks system in some ways but they say

Flowcode is a graphical programming tool that allows
those with little experience to develop complex
electronic systems in minutes.

Personally I've never known flow charts to be useful for anything more than trivial applications. The screen shot does show what looks like C code though as well.

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