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Hey guys

I'm creating a robot that has 5 motors.
I need PWM for all 5 motors. I have a arduino diecimila. What is the best way of doing this with my arduino? I know the diecimila has 3 pwm pins, but that's not enough.

The program is very simple. All it's doing is reading serial input, and changing the motor's speed according to the serial input.

Thanks guys.

Ill Mill

There are actually 6 pwm pins on the diecimila, pins 3,5,6,8,9 and 10. So that aspect shouldn't be a problem. However, you will probably need some sort of driver circuitry to actually be able to control the motors because the Arduino pins can only source 40 milliamps.


With the 5 motors, i would like to have servos connected to the arduino too
What is the maximum number of servos can i connect??


Theoretically, without external hardware you can have as many as you have free digital pins. Practically I would say up to 8 servos.

How many do you need?


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It depends, maybe around 3-4 of them
How would i do it? what are the different ways for doing it?

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