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I am working on a senior design project at a University, and am looking for a way for devices to communicate with one another over a bluetooth link.

I am able to successfully pair a bluesmirf device with my computer and get input from it.

Is there a way for me to get the bluesmirf device (which is connected to an Arduino Mega 2560) to pair with another bluesmirf device on another Arduino Mega 2560?

Ultimately I'd like one bluesmirf device to be able to pair with several others, acting as a 'master' and send data to all the other devices it is paired with.

If this is not possible (I.E. if the bluesmirfs cannot initiate pairing or cannot pair with more than one device), then are there other approaches I can consider?

Thanks for taking the time to help out...


Mesh communication might be a better option. One of the XBees (not sure which) can be configured for mesh use.


It might depend on what device your using but a quick look at the datasheet from the Sparkfun site https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10268? shows you can put that particular model into master mode.
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