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Im trying to use 4d systems' μOLED-128-G1 (SGC) display with the Serial_LCD library: http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/serial-lcd.html. But i cant seem to get it to work when trying some of examples from that library. And I am using the Arduino UNO.

I connected the:

  • OLED screen TX to Arduino RX pin 2

  • OLED screen RX to Arduino TX pin 3

  • OLED reset through a button

as shown in the Serial_LCD tutorial. Do I need a resistor for the connection between the OLED screen RX and Arduino TX?

There was one time when i was trying out the colour_main example, when i noticed a line with blue dots on top of the OLED display. I only noticed this later after i had uploaded the code. That did not display immediately. For this, i connected a a resistor for the connection between the OLED screen RX and Arduino TX.

However, I was able to use the following library: https://github.com/planetarian/4Duino.

I dont know if I have made some silly mistake, but any help would be much appreciated!  :)

edit: I was not able to display that line of blue dots again tho :(


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I did some of the testing on Ave33's libraries and found them rather nice on both of my 3.2 PT SGC displays and I believe there is support for the OLED things as well. To the best of my knowledge his Picasso support is still limited or was back in July. There were good examples and good (I thought) documentation for the SGC modules from Ave33 or at least in the common package I downloaded and used. As to the Display not working you need to do a little more than complain about the issue because on the strength of the information so far...
I'd have to say "Take 2 and call me in the morning". Without the sketch and a picture of your connections and/or a schematic... as well as an accurate description of the issues. They'res not much more I can do for you.


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Hey thanks very much for the reply. My internet connection is slow at the moment. So i shall post the pictures later. Do you mean that there are documentations for 4d systems' SGC modules from avenue33? I only saw a general tutorial on avenue33's website.


Here are more pictures.


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You need to connect 5 pins:

Screen +5V to Arduino +5V
Screen Ground to Arduino Ground
Screen TX to Arduino SoftwareSerial RX = pin 2
Screen RX to Arduino SoftwareSerial TX = pin 3
Screen RESET to Arduino pin 4

The screen RESET is required by the uOLED display as its built-in Goldelox graphic controller doesn't feature auto-baud, contrary to the Picaso on uLCD screens.

On the setup() function, if myScreen is the name of your screen, include

Code: [Select]

Check the example serial_software_main.pde.

Website with contact form: http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com
Documentation: http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/serial-lcd.html
Forum: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,60802.135.html


Hey thanks so much avenue33. I just came back from a break from uni and got to the forum. The RESET pin was my problem. The
Code: [Select]
gave me clue as to how to fix it.


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Oh sorry! This was a different problem i had regarding avenue33's Serial_LCD library, that was why I posted the problem as a new post. I have now deleted the post and moving it to: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,60802.150.html.

PS: I have accidentally deleted previous images that were uploaded, so I attached them again to this post.

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