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Anyone else going to attend?


nope im on the east side but on the wrong end so it becomes pretty pricey to see goofy stuff and hobby shops doing their thing  

maybe if they did one in the SE (or if they do where do I find out)


I hope Adafruit is there as well.


Is Ladyada/Adafruit from 'round here?


I'll be making the trek over to Queens for this, from California.

Actually, I live three or four miles away from the fairgrounds where they hold the SF Maker Faire. This will be the first Maker Faire I'll attend as a visitor instead of an exhibitor...looking forward to it!

I'm hoping a bunch of familiar names in the Maker and/or Arduino communities will gather for dinner in NYC.
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I am exhibitor #4228 so I will be there ;)

Also there is a mini MakerFaiure in Rhode Island next Saturday,

Mini Maker Faire RI
Celebrate New England D.I.Y: August 28, 2010! Rhode Island¡Çs own Mini
Maker Faire, featuring hands-on making, building & hacking, culinary
crafting, garage technology, arts and creativity for sale, and robots,
culminating with a Waterfire in the Creative Capital, Providence, RI.


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I'm going to be around as well. Tom Igoe will be at the ITP booth



Any pictures of Arduino crew at the faire?

I would love to go and see what it is all about but have no idea.

So many people talk about it and it looks fun but lets see some pics of our community enjoying our hobby?

Post some pictures please!!


Awsome - Massimo and Tom Igoe will be there.  Love Tom's book Making Things Talk.  I did the making a cat tweet experiment from that book.

Jezuz - Ladyada/Adafruit is from NYC.


It's on guys. You can still go Sunday. Definitely worth the trip. Just take the 7 to Queens.
It is a great place to see lots of projects, learn a lot and get inspiration for your next project. You can also bring the kids.


I'm there tomorrow. Will take pics and what not.


I am at the NE section of the Makers tent. The nine hours yesterday flew by. Should be a great day today. Hope to see you there.

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I only had time to take a few pictures when I was leaving on the second day.
The pics are at http://tinyurl.com/38cekjl

It was an excellent event. Almost a  continuous flow of people by my table
for nine hours the first day and eight hours the second. It is great to meet
so many people wanting to build and create things.

(* jcl *)

P.S. My pictures from Maker Faire RI 2010 are at http://tinyurl.com/2aat5bj
Much smaller but still a lot of fun.

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