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With 2Kb of bootloader space there should be enough space to have an usb enableded bootloader and thus only having to have one chip in the board and no hassle in the code, the downside is that there is no atmel chip with usb built-in in pdip packages.


I hardly call the manufacture of generic open source hardware "piracy".

I call it piracy when it violates the terms of the open source licenses.  When it say "Arduino (tm)" and it isn't, when it says "Made in Italy" and it wasn't.  All you have to do is say "Clone" in your eBay sales page or whatever and put your own name and info on the silkscreen, and you're fine (by me, anyway.)  Being deceptive (to the customer) by intent or laziness makes you a pirate, though.


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usb enableded bootloader ... no hassle in the code

The "hassle" isn't at boot time, it comes later when user want "Serial.print" to show up on their PC, and Serial.read to get data FROM the PC.   In the hypthetical single-chip Arduino, that implies a whole USB stack running ALL THE TIME in parallel with the user's sketch (essentially a background operating system.)  And THAT becomes a hassle!


Do it interrupt driven?
For me there isnt a lot of problems as I rarely use serial coms.


You use Serial Comms every time you upload your sketch.

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