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I originally posted this over on Lady Ada's Blog, but I guess here is more appropriate....

So suppose that the Arduino team now has a fancy logo, incorporated onto the solder-side silkscreen. Or suppose that Ninja Networks does a DefCon electronic party badge that has artistic graphics in several layers (copper, soldermask, silkscreen? (really cool, BTW.))

Is it legitimately "open source hardware" to distibute CAD files without that "additional, non-functional, artwork", as an anti-piracy technique?

I would think so; and it might even be a useful "standard" of branding (it should be easy enough to do within the design.) It wouldn't prevent any of the good things (derivative designs, etc) that OSHW makes possible, and it wouldn't even stop the determined pirate, or even the low-balling offshore manufacturer. It would just make it a bit harder for the particularly lazy and dishonest pirates to imply authenticity?


true.... perhaps we'll soon see more design parameters on other boards coming as well....
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I hardly call the manufacture of generic open source hardware "piracy".  All the time branded arduinos are manufactured in a place where labour is over priced, the will be generics.


where labour is over priced

I have to say: Would you want to do it?
Yes maybe the labour is more expensive than in china or some other country where they pay the majority of their workers not enough but if you wanted to get a load of people from the UK or the USA or many other countries that most of us live in then labour would not be any cheaper.

I would rather pay a bit extra and know that the person who has made the board is payed a decent wage and the product is going to be a of a top quality than buy something cheap from china which might not be so great on those regards.



I want my boards stained with the tears of the workers and painted with the blood of their fingers for less than 9.99$

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