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Topic: Arduino 1.0.1 causes Mac OS X to crash regularly. Ideas? (Read 38 times) previous topic - next topic

James C4S

Since I'm new to using Arduino devices

You aren't using an Arduino.

may I ask if you are talking about a driver on the Mac or a driver on the Arduino chips?

there is no such thing as "Arduino chips."

The board you are using, is based on the Silicon Labs CP2102 serial to USB chip.  No official aduino uses this chip for USB.  I suggest you contact the person who sold you the board for support.
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Louis Davis

Nick Gammon

In my mind that points towards an error in the Arduino 1.0.1 software.

In my mind it points to an error in the only thing that is different from the normal Arduino IDE.  From their web page:

No modifications of the Arduino environment are needed, simply install the SiLabs USB drivers ...

Oops. A modification to the environment. Device drivers typically need access to low-level operating system functions. People would be screaming if the normal Arduino IDE crashed the entire computer every hour. It just doesn't.


Here are the answers to the questions below. I am using Lion, OS/X 10.7.4. I am using the English version of the Arduino program. I did contact the company owner and he hasn't replied yet, probably because I told him I was posting my question here too. His website says on the link I gave previously that some operating systems may not need USB drivers. And he told me in person that Macs don't need drivers. But in any case because I want to try everything suggested here I did download the drivers, and that didn't solve my problem. Moreoever, I haven't needed drivers for the last six months using Arduino software 1.0. So I can't understand why v1.0.1 would suddenly need drivers. I'm open to changing to another device if nobody knows why v1.0 works but v1.0.1 doesn't work. Any suggestions for a new device? Something simple that plugs into a USB port preferably.

Nick Gammon

The driver page linked to does in fact have OS/X drivers. The release notes for OS/X say, amongst other things:


Version 2.6
   Corrected all known Kernel Panics for 10.4/5/6 for surprise removal and data
   Corrected an issue with data drop while using XON/XOFF flow control
   Corrected RTS/DTR toggling sync issue
Version 2.2
   Corrected Kernel Panic in Snow Leopard which would randomly occur after

(my emphasis)

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