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I am looking for an adapter to go from the type B USB port on the Arduino to an RS-232 serial port on a control box for a stepper motor. I have found one online but I am not sure if it is reliable (http://www.usbgear.com/USBG-232PLG.html).

With this adapter, would I be able to transmit information from the UNO to the control box directly which would then control a stepper motor?

My project involves reading an analog voltage signal into the Arduino UNO which can be converted to a signal that is output to a stepper motor control box through the USB type B port to the RS-232 port.

Does this seem feasible? With the adapter, would I need any additional wiring to complete the task? I received my Arduino UNO yesterday, so I'm not very experienced.




You need parts more like this:
Plug into your RS232 device
Convert USB-A to USB-B for the Arduino
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