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I was revising a design and used EAGLE auto router. Strangely it has gone beyond my 100mmX80mm limit. I have light version.

Has anyone seen this happening?

Notice the top of the row of circular pads are at 80mm so anything beyond those aren't supposed to be routed but they did get routed. The Gerber files show these traces also.


I did some testing. They seem to disallow pads from going beyond around 82mm. Maybe there is no limit to routes. One other design I have also has traces beyond 80mm, around 84mm.


If you have traces running outside the limits, I am guessing you don't have the board dimension drawn using 20dimension lines.
But you do seem to have ground polygon drawn.
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Looking at that picture, there seems to be a dimension line drawn, but it's well outside of where your ground plane is.  And the traces are well within that dimension line.  I see four holes, two of them within your ground plane, and two of them outside, in the same area that you have the text written.  Eagle WILL route traces within dimension lines, and if they are drawn larger than what you expect the board to be, it will gladly put traces there.


I guess the size limit is more for pads than for traces. Yes, I drew the ground plains within 80mm limits but I do need some extra board space to put 2 mounting holes and some space for text on silk screen. Thanks.

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