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Hi people,

do you guys have any ideas about building a wifi jammer with arduino? Is that even possible? I want to build one for my project class.

Thank you for your help!  :)



Could be a good way to pay a large fine or do a little time.
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A poorly maintained microwave oven will do nicely for some WiFi channels I believe...

The 2.4G band is multi-use so interference between different equipment is entirely possible (for instance I've hifi audio sender that uses spread-spectrum propriety format over 2.4 band that interferes with ISM 2.4 transmissions.

Wifi signals use several wideband modulation schemes that would require fairly high power wideband jamming to completely defeat - making jamming harder to do (by accident or design).  I suspect deliberate jamming would constitute an offence in most territories.
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Spark gaps, lots of power.  Jam everything.

Could be a good way to pay a large fine or do a little time.

I will never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself.


Is it really illegal to jam the 2.4 GHz band? I thought it was one of the bands that was "free for all", unlike cell phone bands.


Its illegal if you exceed the maximum power limits for ISM devices, and to jam the entire band you will
have to use a high powered transmitter, thats well above the maximum allowed power levels.

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