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Sep 24, 2012, 01:16 am Last Edit: Sep 24, 2012, 03:02 am by aconitin Reason: 1
I have a really strange problem that i couldn't solve for several days now and i really hope you can help me.

I have an iteaduino BT board and a arduino motor shield attached to it.
Also, I have installed the latest Arduino on my Computer and my Laptop.
On my computer, I have written a short programm which turn a motor on when it recieves a certain character via bluetooth (with Serial.read()).
I then connected the Board via USB to my computer, uploaded the programm, then I connected the board via bluetooth to my pc and sent some characters to the board, everything worked fine.
On my computer the board "creates" to COM-ports upon connecting it with bluetooth, and when i check the options for the BT board, i can see one of them is called SSP "Dev-B", which is the one i send my characters through.

Now, when I try to connect the BT shield to my laptop, it also creates the SSP "Dev-B" port, and the BT shield gets connected as usual. But as soon as I try to send something from my laptop to the BT board, this happens:
1. The Character gets sent and recieved properly (which makes the motor go on btw)
2. After that, the SSP "Dev-B" COM port vanishes from the bluetooth-board options and i can't send anything to the BT board at all.
3. After about 10 seconds, the port suddenly works again and i can send another single character to my board before it all repeats itself.

I have installed the correct bluetooth drivers (and de-installed them a hundred times...), arduino firmware etc, set the correct jumpers, my program works perfectly on the other pc...What should I do?

EDIT: Also, i got another question. can i use an ad-hoc network to connect the arduino wifi shield with my laptop to control an rc car? thanks!

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