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I have plans on building a device to "help" my children regulate their computer usage. It will be similar to a timer, and when it expires, I want to make the display unusable.

I could use a relay to interrupt the power going to the monitor, but I don't feel like dealing with 110V.

I am interested in doing something, in-line, to the monitor VGA wires. I was thinking that I could ground one of the lines (through a transistor) to disrupt the monitor signal. I don't need the monitor to blank - only to make the monitor unviewable.

Can someone suggest what I can do to the one or more of the VGA signals to disrupt things? I'd prefer to use a transistor to ground etc. one or more of the lines; but I would entertain adding a relay to interrupt a signal.




Why not interface with the monitor's power button instead? Remove the button from the monitor, and use one built into your project. Things can get messy when you start cutting up video cables.
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Have you tried talking to your children?
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Timing is pretty critical with VGA, so any sort of fiddling with the cable may have undesired side-effects. Also grounding one pin might damage the output driver that is trying to drive it high.

If someone tried to do that to me I'd attempt to disable the device, restart it (to get another hour), replace the cable, get a different monitor, etc.

And if you are going to stay in the room to stop them doing that you may as well stop them using the computer in the first place.


Have you tried talking to your children?


I think a good question first off is, is this an Arduino Project or something else? What I mean is, if you are looking for something to do with an arduino, then nevermind. But if you are looking for the best way to solve this problem, then maybe it's not arduino. It seems to me that the best approach would be software on the computer.

But again, if you are looking for an arduino project then just ignore me.

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Have you tried talking to your children?

Maybe they're 32 and 35.



It is a questionable thing to want to do in the first place but I have found the best way to limit children's computer use is to bribe them.

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The best way to teach is to encourage self-regulation. If the monitor cuts off after an hour, they learn nothing (except annoyance at you). If you teach them to turn if off voluntarily, they learn something.

Besides, computers (and computer games, and the Internet in general) are teaching them things. It may not be obvious to us, but they are.

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