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I want use a hall sensor like

 I think if I put the sensor touching the wire and there are enought current I can meter this.
I think I must ajust the output of the sensor and this can be good for me.
I need meter about 50 Amp.
Who had this experience?
Is it posible do?
Thank you very much


Is it a DC current ?
I'm sure you can measure the current. I don't know if it will be linear, I think it will be.

You can buy a few modules on Ebay.

The current is returning in the other wire. That other wire will reduce the magnetic field around the wire that your measure. So you have to keep the other wire (with the returning current) away from the sensor, or keep it at a fixed distance. Perhaps you can use sealant to fix everything in place.


Yes DC, only that I cant cut the wire. I must put the hall sensor near to the wire and mesure a relative value.
I cant cut the wire because it must be a meter for many wires, it is like a loop open AC meter clamp.
It is similar to a DC clamp, DC clamps have a clamp that you can open and close arround the wire.
Excuse my bad english I tryed explain best that I know.


I watch all that you say me in EBay, but all need cut the wire. The question is....if I dont cut the wire and I put the sensor TOUCHING THE WIRE, the sensor will mesaure?


I understand that. My reply #1 is for the situation that you do not cut the wire and glue the ACS712 chip to the wire, leaving the power pins of the sensor/module open.

I think it will work. Just like a DC clamp. But without the extra coil or core around the wire. Just the ACS712 chip touching the wire.


Ty again, I will buy one and I will try it.
When I do it I will post if work good or no.

It is for mesure the current of a DC starter motor of a car or motorcycle. If I mesure the current of the motor,  there are 4 times that the current is more high for each turn, when a cilinder is in compresiĆ³n phase the mecanical resistance is more high and the current is high.  I can test the compresiĆ³n of the 4 cilinder in this way. If there are one with less current to the  others, this one  is bad.

All this must be graphics in labview with arduino. This is my idea.
I think you can understand me
Thank you again


Yes, I understand.
With such high currents, it should not be hard. But the sensor might sense magnetic fields from other wires or electric noise. I don't know how accurate it will be.

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