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Hello, I've built a working 10DOF imu (Inertial measurement unit) and have started writing a GUI interface. Please see my website where I'll be posting updates. Also checkout the source code found Github. I'm not sure where this will be going, maybe I'll use this in a quadcopter.



A "10-dof sensor"  is not actually an "IMU:",   regardless of what the folks who sell them say.


It is a nice graph of the sensors outputs, though.    Is this for windows or linux computers ?

Yeah thats true, what I've built for testing was a 9-dof IMU with a pressure sensor. I guess its simpler for people selling them to say 10-DOF vs 9-DOF with  pressure sensor…

The program will work on any platform that can run the necessary python libraries I'm using. See: https://github.com/bhowiebkr/AnyIMU/blob/master/python/AnyIMU.py To run the code you need to get all the needed libraries working, pyside, numpy, pyqtgraph...

Anyways I've gotten an OpenGL view sporting the old Qt logo being rotated by the magnetometer. I'd like to get GPS working and displayed on a google maps widget. I've got an ebay gps dongle not being used for anything, It says on the circuit board "65CH USB DATALOG DONGLE" on ebay. maybe I can read off it with the arduino. But first I gotta look into getting an AHRS/DCM algorithm working to drive the OpenGL viewport.


I doesn't seem to be compatible with my python environment.  I will consult our python guru next week, he is currently away.

I've found in the current code I'm working with to be crashing lots now. I'm in the middle of changing the serial connection and data acquisition part of the code for its consuming too many resources to be running in the same thread as the UI. After I get it working more stable I'll update the repository.

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