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I bought 10 of these damn toshiba darlington arrays and i can't get a single 1 to behave :((((


to simplify things

it's running off a 5v rail (usb/arduino)

basically.. without gnd it lights dimly with gnd nothing!!! i tried 5ics it's like they all came fried i'm a little worried trying the other 5 incase i'm blowing them somehow?!?



I didn't understand any of that. What "toshiba darlington arrays"? Part number? Link to data sheet?

it's running off a 5v rail (usb/arduino)

What circuit?

What code? Or isn't that relevant?
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More info: http://www.gammon.com.au/electronics


You need to connect PIN10 to VCC.


Nick - re read the title :p

the pictures are of the circuit.. all im doing is making sure these ics work

Ok ill try that lavan cheers




just to add, I ran into an opposite problem when I connected this to an 8 channel relay board, which already comes with its own diode circuit connected to supply rail. In my case, I connected pin 10 to Vcc and was getting unpredictable results, until I disconnected pin 10.

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