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Hello there,

I recently posted a request for any instructions/advices building a wifi jammer. Some answers called attention to illegal issues about having and using one (although I just want to build one for eduactional purposes but i guess noone will believe that).

Now, i wonder whether anyone knows how to build a wifi signal strength detector or may direct me to already existing posts (the search function here wasn't really helpful for me, sorry). Here is the project what i'm talking about: http://arduino.cc/blog/2011/03/02/wifi-network-visualization/

Here a comment that explains the construction roughly:

"It really is awesome, and the technique is pretty simple and logical as described by the author himself (for folks who don't understand how it works let me explain in simple lingo) he took a simple probe which is equipped with about 80 LED's and used it to access a specific (say his own) wifi network, the rod actually responds to the received signal strength, means as the signal gets stronger more LED's will lit (for example: it blinks 80 LED's when the signal is full and 40 LED's when the signal is half the strength of full) and then used the camera technique known as light painting which actually utilizes long exposure time in order to create light patterns. I hope you understand now :o)"  by   Faizan 10 March 2011 at 16:23 #   

  • So what do i need in order to build one? A wifi shield? Leds. A stick. Cables. What else?

  • How do I manage that leds blink when accessing to a wifi network?

  • How do I manage that leds blink depending on the wifi signal strength?

  • Is this function a good start to work with - wifi.rssi() - ?

  • ... ?

Thank you community, for helping me out!  8)


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