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Hi Fellows,

I would be most probably flying next month to Moscow and I'm worried about my electronic stuff as I would be in Moscow on a commercial VISA working through my game there and being this stuff my profession and hobby both can;t leave ,So I wanted to know whether at the Airport the aviatoin officals will let me fly with the following or not, IF yes are there any conditions like would I have to pay custom after landing in Moscow.

I will be carrying:

1) Passive electronic components
2) uC's NXP LPC mBed 1768,11u24, ATMEL ARM7 and Arduino boards like about 6-7 in total.
3) Soldering Iron
4) some other supplies like sockets or pcb, Wire etc
5) some IC's

What you can suggest me? Is there any problem with the above list?
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While someone here may be able to provide advice you are far better off contacting the airline and the Russian Consulate...


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