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Just downloaded it on my Nexus 7. Looks good. I'll have a play at the weekend. Thanks for the tip.


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Aha.  This explains SO much:

"This project is a labor of love by the curator of The Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory and author of Atari Basic and Apple DOS 3.1. It is free to all,  now, and forever. The underlying source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License."


I believe we all can agree that's not a bad set of qualifications... I remember learning a lot about programming in general on my Atari 400, around 1984 maybe?  Inline machine code, Display list interrupts, and copying code from COMPUTE! on a membrane keyboard -- I guess I pretty much owe this guy some of my formative programming forays.  I suppose that's reason enough for the rest of you to hate him ;)

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I have a friend who has an iPad, and frankly, I like the Android tablet better.

Yes same with me Android is pretty much good in utilisation but when it comes to hackability and custom DIY stuff it is the best! in the league no other OS comes then, for example cynogenmods are custom ROM's one can do anything to a mobile phone if its with Android.
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Awesome app, thanks for the share.

Also, this would have been immensely useful in my physics class.
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I used to have a cell phone, mp3 player, gps unit, and PDA.

Now, I have an Android.

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