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My temp sensor is not working with arduino.  I have it hooked up right (I think). When hooked up the on board arduino led goes very dull, and then the USB connection drops out and the arduino is no longer connected to the PC.

When I pull out the ground or the 5V wire from arduino , the led lights back up and the board reconnects to the PC.

I am following these instructions: http://bildr.org/2011/07/ds18b20-arduino/

It is like it sucks too much power???


It is like it sucks too much power???

More likely you have it connected incorrectly. A picture of your setup would be useful.
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If you connect the DS18B20 like the picture (3 wires to the sensor) shows you don't have to use parasite power mode for reading the values because you are powering the device constantly.


A properly connected DS18B20 uses next to no power.  It its getting warm it is wrongly connected and/or possibly cooked....


Ok here are some pics.


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Looks to me as though you have ground and Vdd the wrong way round - check the datasheet.

edit: maybe a mention of ground would be better


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You have reversed the GND and Vdd connections.

Edit to add: Oops, too slow!


doh!  just testing you lot. lol.   will have another go when i get home from work

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