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Anyone have any ideas on detecting lightning using a light (or some other) sensor I could hook up to an Arduino?

I have vague ideas of using a photodetector of some sort to trigger some behaviour.  It sounds like a hard thing to calibrate.

I know most commercial strike detectors use a radio/magnet detector, but I just need to know when there is a distant flash in an otherwise dim location.

Anyone else done this?  I'm probably reinventing the wheel, I know.

Feel free to tell me that my approach is FOS. I'm of to the local 'lectronics shop tomorrow and I'm going to pick up an assortment of stuff that I think might work.  Anything I should add to the list?
I yield() for co-routines.


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D'oh.  Just found http://www.glacialwanderer.com/hobbyrobotics/?p=11

I thought I'd checked the Playground.  Bad developer.  No doughnut.

Feel free to add hints or horror stories.

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I yield() for co-routines.

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