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Would like to use the scroll text to the left just one line in my code .. a marquee /news display type of feature  ..how can one get this included on a standard library
for a st7920 lcd driver as the tutorial only shows you details on the function but not actually how to use it literally in the code ..as its used for a commom hd 44780 library

Excuse me for being blunt but everybody just wants the code im using but no one actually wants to help...

Thanks in advance


part one:

The artist went to the shop and asked for a pencil. He went home and made the most beautiful pictures ever.
The man went to the shop and asked for a pencil. At home he was not able to draw something and went back to ask the shop owner on better instructions on the pencil.

part two:

I am writing u8glib. It supports st7920. I provide a tool. I can give you details. And yes, i always wonder what amazing things are done with u8glib. Maybe i could be the teacher for technical details. But my users are the artists. I can not teach them to be artists.

part three:

Scrolling text is nothing else than showing a movie. Build you picture, draw text at (x,y). After some delay, draw your text at (x-1,y), than at (x-2,y), and so on. It will be visible as scrolling. U8glib will be tolerant for negative values, so drawing at (-3,10) will make characters appear half (good for scrolling :-)

Have fun,


You mean, "good story" but without use?

You mention a st7920 lib, but which one? It is difficult to give a precise answer with understanding all the background. Sometimes code helps to understand the problem.


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