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Hi all,

I have two analog sensors - I would like to store my calibration values to my arduino uno rev3. (a min and max for each)

Importantly, the sensor values must be stored and remembered for when the devise is turned off.

I'm not sure the best way to go about this?

Does this board have any inbuilt features to store a few calibration figures? (I assume not)

My configuration also has the arduino wifi shield stacked on top (with a SD card slot). So i am assuming there is potential here.

Thanks for your time!


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Thank you sir.

You can tell how new I am to this?



Be aware that you only write to EEPROM when the calibration value changes as the EEPROM has limited write cycles (quite a lot but limited)

something like

if (newCalibrationValue != EEPROM.read(calib_addr)) EEPROM.write(calib_Addr, newCalibrationValue);

Reading is no problem.

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