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hi i`m trying to connect my arduino to my network but there is no way to directly connect it to the router, so i would like to know if i can use the wifi that is connected to my pc and send it to the arduino trough the ethernet port on my pc


Yes. If you use Windows it is fairly easy. Google search "internet connection sharing". Share your wireless connection with other users is what you want to do.


yes im trying to do so but it doesn`t find my ip adress when i load the code :/ my wireless adapter ip is on DHCP and my local adapter is should i change something?


Here is the article on XP. It is close enough to the newer Windows versions it should be close.

You need to check your wireless dhcp range. Check the wireless connection to see what ip you were issued. A lot of wireless routers use 192.168.0.x/24 for the wireless subnet, and that would cause a routing conflict in your laptop if the ethernet port is set to that also.

This subject may be a bit off topic for this forum tho.


yes i`ve tryeld that already but it still does not connetct, do i have to do domething in the code?


What ip does your wireless adapter have now? Check that.

You must assign an ip address to the ethernet shield that is in that subnet. In your case, you could use on the Arduino.


According to ipconfig my wireless ip is


Then your wireless and ethernet ports are using the same subnet. Change the ethernet port to and the ip of the Arduino to Then it should be able to route correctly.

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