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Hi, I need to detectt the flow of water through a pipe of 1" Diameter but  I can't find anything to do the job  :(

This is exactly what I need but for 1"

This is the SeeedStudio Liquid Flow Switch. This sensor works as a switch, conducts while flow pass though. It features the maximum resistance of 100 ohm. Maximum load current is 1.0A and the maximum load power is 10W. More information is given in specification tab. Color may vary. The thread is a 1/2 inch NPT tapered thread, one on each end.

Does somebody saw something like this for 1" somewhere? Any other idea of how I can detect the flow of water through the pipe, the pipe is always full of water, but I need to know when the flow start.

Thank you!


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Thank you johnwasser, I never bough something from China, but I think it will be my only choice. I don´t have nothing againt China products, but hope the shipping don´t take too long


Depending on WHY you want to know about flow, and what flows are involved, two "answers" may be available....

a) Keep an eye on the pressure in the pipe, or the pressureS at two well chosen points.

b) Why does the water move? If it moves because of a pump, just monitor the electricity going to the pump.

(I'm not calling anyone stupid with that second suggestion.... well, unless you include me in the group. For YEARS I looked for a way to watch for leaks from my domestic water system at times when I'm away from the house... before realizing that as I am on a well, monitoring the well's pump would alert me to a leak.)


I got really lucky on ebay and got a new elster amco meter v-100 3/4" for $15 including shipping. It cost me an additional $18 for the couplings that I sourced at the local plumbing supply house - I tried to get the couplings online - but couldn't really find any thing that much cheaper based on not knowing actually what would work. 

This type of meter is simple pulse and I'm using it for whole house water count.

A quick search on ebay (just now) I found a buy it now for about $46 with shipping.

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