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Hello PaulS

I will answer your questions with great pleasure  :)

The USB cable will only synchronize the device with a PC or Mac like an ipod.

The device must store some data downloaded to PC or Mac whit the USB cable and an apposite software.

I write from Italy and I hope to arouse interest in good developers like you.



Tuxduino well said  :)
no really, is not a film of 007, but a good idea as this, it is always better to keep it among the active developers.  :D


I hope to arouse interest in good developers like you.

Not working, so far. You'll need to at least pretend that you have a finished product, and try to sell us on it. That way, we can at least guess at the nature of the programming that you need done.


If you wish, you can expect to see the almost finished product, and after, participate in software updates, but you lose an opportunity.


I often see posts giving the opportunity to work on a very exciting ardunio based project by someone or people who do not have any ardunio skills. The implication is that the person with the ardunio skills is loosing out unless they agree to work with them even with no information about the project. The reality of the situation is that the poster is loosing out by not being more flexible and or more polite. As i seen it there is no exciting project without the arduino developer developing that said project and as such it is the poster that needs the developer not the other way round as is often implied. I think this might be because there are a lot less ardunio developers than say internet developers (which are ten a penny and all probably need work)

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