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Hello, i'm new to Arduino... I've purchased a Mega2560 board and the MotorShield.
I need to add 4 interrupt input (PIN 2,3,18,19), so I've a proto shield for mega, but there aren't SCL/SDA pinout on the proto shield. Can I mount the proto over the mega and the motor shield on top of them? It's correct, also if it doesn't have some the SCL/SDA pin? I want to use the proto shield to connect my input to pins.



Before buying have you checked with the vendor that whether the shield is compatible with Mega or not , 90% of the Arudino shields out there are compatible with UNO there are many which are not compatible with MEGA.
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Thanks for the reply, I've checked the proto shield is for the MEGA, i'll mount this on top of MEGA and Motor Shield, using a strip to connect input to relative pins located bottom..

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