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Hello Guys,

I'm trying to keep this short and save you time.

It's 100%ly sure that I burned my Uno by doing mistake with breadboard (20 volts ment for stepper motor driver went in from the 5V regulator pin) Please, dont ask how/why..:

- Windows found new harware during the "burn".
- all outputs connected to stepper motor drivers were protected by 220 ohm resistors.
- all 3 stepper (Allegro A4988) motor drivers died.
- Uno do not reply to anything and Windows do not detect it.
- Led comes on, and I'm able to measure 4.8V from the 5V reg. pin.
- no smoke... :)

So, my question is it worth to trying to repair Uno by changing components, what? The chip with the bootlader costs something 7 euros and it's pretty easy to change, but what do yoy say?

This is not catastrophe, 4 new Unos already ordered, but if this is controller easy to repair, who not to try?



Remove the atmega, if windows still does not detect the board = no easy fix
My website: http://ried.cl


Thanks, I tried this, but no reply. I think that I'll save atmega chip, because it may ok and maybe I can be used if I burn some outputs from other Unos... At least it doesn't take so much space in my garage and it's reasonable to save to check later on.

Thanks once again and br,

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