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Hello, hopefully this is the right forum for my question.  I am just starting to learn about Arduino and thought of a neat project and wanted to know exactly what I will need to complete it and if it was even feasible.  I use public transportation daily and am looking at using an LED display to show a few different things - Time, Temp, Bus Number, Next Arrival Time.  Most likely on two lines, all coming from this website, http://www.ctabustracker.com/bustime/eta/eta.jsp.  I would prefer to have it sitting away from my computer and router, so a board with built in wireless or a wifi shield will be necessary.  Since I am starting from scratch, what all will I need to buy to complete this project?  Side note: I am pretty confident in my coding abilities, but everything else will be pretty new to me, is this too hard of a project to start with?

Thank you!


Sorry, meant to say LCD display, not LED.  Although I guess either would be suitable



filtering information from a website and displaying it on a LCD?
Yes, it's feasible.
You'll need an Arduino (Uno or Leonardo), Wifi-Shield, and an LCD-Display.
(Sparkfun's Serial LCD-Display is very easy to use)

The major problem is to find the information you are looking for in the html-code of the website.
I took a look at it's source-code and it seems it's mostly working with javascript, which complicates the whole thing.


I didn't know they had a public API, so I just got access to that which should make the coding aspect extremely easy.  Reconsidering the wireless aspect now though, didn't realize how expensive the WiFi-Shield was :/


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Hi Kripp88

I'm working in a LED display company.i don't cleared, You are asking the process of bus route LED display or coding for that process of bus times LED Display.

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