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I am trying to making a machine that I can use to make small sacks of gum balls. I usually get some net scarf material and take 1-5 of the gum balls and cut a small block of the scarf off to put the gum balls in and tie them with a thread to make a bunch of sacks...it is very tiring when I have to tie up 600 of these so I was hoping that I can make something where I can just grab a select few of these gumballs and the machine can take the scarf, cut a portion of it off and make the sack, tie thread around to lock the sack..

these gumballs are very light weight and size of 3/4 of 1 cent coin...they dont weigh much and they are sticky..

this is the scarf:

i am no idea how to get a machine to tye this sack....some sort of motors :S? how to wrap thread around or even hold the scarf?
How could I push the eggs down so the machine can wrap thread around and cut it off?

I dont mind cutting the scarf into long wide strips and feeding them into the machine...basically this is the end result:


I am trying to make a cluster of gum balls OR just have one gumball tied into that scarf material..

this is how the cluster would look at the end:

any ideas :S i might be missing some details so ask away if you need more explanation


you will need a robotic hand along with a motorised track that will take the materials to the robotic hand to pack them in anyway and then also move the packed stuff away, A lot of thinking and programming skills are needed here however the hardware development skills needed are not that much here mainly you need to know the programming here.
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