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Nano logger provides user to easily store data in a cloud based environment without having to write any code on server side. Idea behind this is that every user can store his data (POST method) in his own stream (usually different stream id for each application) and then access data via basic GET method.

The reason behind this project is I needed simple solution for prototyping and I didn't want to write web services every time when I needed to store data remotely.

This tool is for prototyping use only. It was not intended to be used commercially.

Server side code is written in Python on top of Google App Engine. Tested and developed on Google App engine v1.7.2.

More info: https://github.com/mitjafelicijan/NanoCloudLogger

This project is still in early development stage but basic stuff works. I am just finishing simple HTML/JS client to go with this. I hope you will try to play with it and give me feedback on features you would want or bugs. Maybe some of you will find it useful.



Is this moving ahead, abandoned, or is there another newer project of similar intent?

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