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I have updated my project writeup.  I have gotten enough data to run a pass of diehard, which mostly looked okay, except for utter failures on some specific tests.  I am assuming my whitening algorithm is at fault -- it never pays to invent your own crypto type algorithms -- and I am switching to xorshift64 for another go.  Meanwhile I did generate a bit over 1.3 million 64-bit seeds with no duplicates, so it's not a total failure.


Another update.

Changing the whitening algorithm to use xorshift64 yields results that look okay in diehard.  Here's the details:

The xorshift I'm using is left 13, right 7, left 17.  This is also a good PRNG, so it likely makes sense to have the code around anyway.

If anyone's interested in implementing this or studying it further, just follow up here or by PM or what-have-you.

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