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When you re-installed Java, did you by any chance removed all Java and related components from your system first?  Sometimes simply reinstalling it over an old installation does not clear the problem.


I think I have been thorough enough in my attempts to remove Java. I used JavaRa, searched my entire PC for any reference to Java, and even wiped every entry in my registry that was associated to Java. But still, no luck, the problem persists...


It looks like an interaction problem between Java and your graphics card driver. Is that up to date?

The Clever Monkey

I recently purchased an Arduino Uno to play around with, did some small things yet, but the interface is broken most of the time, so I'm not able to code anything.
When I'm moving my mouse trough the menu strange things start to happen to the interface. Elements begin overlapping like this:

The screenshot is from the Wiring IDE, however the exact same thing happens in Arduino IDE.

Looks like 2D corruption.  Try setting


on the VM that launches the IDE. I forget how exactly to do this on Windows, sorry! But you need to add "-Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true" to the list of VM options and restart.
I yield() for co-routines.


My video drivers are updated.

For Wiring, I tried creating a wiring.vmoptions file containing


as stated here and here. I cannot find anything more on the subject so I do not know if this information is entirely correct and applicable...
It did not solve my problem.

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