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Has anyone written a nice and elegant C++ class/template to implement some sort of "pin group" functionality?
Something that would allow code like:

Code: [Select]
pinGroup <4> BCDPort(6, 7, 8, 9);  // define a 4bit port on D6..D9
BCDPort.pinMode(OUTPUT, OUTPUT, OUTPUT, OUTPUT); // set direct of the bits
BCDPort = 0b1011;  // output 4 bits to the port

Full credit requires that it run on targets other than just AVR.
Extra credit if it's faster than a loop of digitalWrites, and a Gold Star if it recognizes when pins are actually contiguous in some hardware port and uses that fact.

Coding Badly

I have seen something like that.  If I can remember where I will let you know.

For some reason Cosa comes to mind.


You can do that with HWA:

Code: [Select]

/*  Include the HWA definitions for the target device
#include <hwa/attiny84a_pu.h>

/*  Create a HWA object named 'bcdport' as a set of 4 consecutive pins of port0:
 *  PA5,PA4,PA3,PA2
#define _hw_def_bcdport         _io1a, 0, port0, 4, 2

int main ( )
  /*  Configure the 'bcdport' pins as digital (default) outputs.
  hw( configure, bcdport, direction, output );

  /*  Write a BCD digit on the 'bcdport' output pins.
  for ( uint8_t i=0 ; ; i++ )
    hw( write, bcdport, i & 0x0F );

You'd need to create a '_io2a' class to handle 2 sets of consecutive pins.

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