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the eFLL (Embedded Fuzzy Logic Library) library is a versatile, lightweight and efficient option to work with Fuzzy Logic in embedded systems, including our great Arduino!

To know more about it, visit:

Documantation, usage, examples: http://www.zerokol.com/2012/09/arduinofuzzy-fuzzy-library-for-arduino.html

Oficial code page: https://github.com/zerokol/eFLL


The library looks nice!

BTW: I'm proud to see Brazilians contributing with the Open Source community.


This is excellent, thanks for this eFFL.

I'm looking at the documentation and sample sketch right now. I don't have a sonar sensor, so for testing I'll probably just use a pot to give some kind of pseudo-distance.


Just stumbled across this.
Is anyone using this library and if yes, any comment ?



Just stumbled across this.
Is anyone using this library and if yes, any comment ?


Not yet, but thanks for reminding me: I must still round to this.



this library doesnt work on my arduino 105 and 152

That's not exactly useful information. Now, if you had described what, exactly, the problems were, that might have been useful.


i mean when i want to use it my arduino doesnt detect the library (no in display example)
sory for bad english


i mean when i want to use it my arduino doesnt detect the library (no in display example)

Go to \arduino-***\libraries\your_fuzzy_logic_library_name\examples
Make there two new folders \sample01 and \sample02
Place file sample01.ino into \sample01 and sample02.ino into \sample02
Start IDE

The problem is that each example file must be placed into the folder with the same name.




Hi i am a new born baby and love working with hardware and software platform
Trying to fully understand how Fuzzy Logic works and i just want to run the
Samples that come with the eFLL (Embedded Fuzzy Logic Library) - Fuzzy Logic on Arduino
but encounter severe error as attached, i did follow the instructions and am using Windows7 32bits

I try to declare int Fuzzy; and the next error will be fuzzy not declare and when i declare  int fuzzy;
the next error is  expected type-specifier before 'Fuzzy'.

Can anyone have idea about how to solve this problem



The compiler is unable to find some .h files. It seems that you have incorrectly installed the library.


Am so grateful for your suggestion dear zoomx, it was really helpful

Arduino could able to run the samples of eFLL when i transfer the .CCP file from the examples folder
as shown in the image.

However i want to embark on some fun using Fuzzy Logic to transmit signal to arduino to blink an LED
directly through the serial communication. hence using the simulated jocksticks at the Fuzzy environment
to control the brightness of LED

Any idea for the interface between fuzzy logic and Arduino?


I don't understand why you want to use fuzzy logic to control a LED using a joystick, simulated or not.

Maybe it's better to control an heater?


Thanks for your support

Currently i want to have some fun using Fuzzy logic to autonomously fly min helicopter
already the fuzzy logic code are generated for yaw pitch and throttle

sample of my simulated fuzzy viewer is attached, all i want is to communicate the view joysticks to transmit pulses to the arduino

sample codes to keep running at the arduino background tested and working code provided in the following link

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