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I believe I have the one USB cable that goes from the MEGA's Square connector to the PC just a regular USB  cable correct?

What about the Female USB connector on the MEGA ADK?  MOst Androids have the Micro A to Normal Male USB but how does one connect a Standard MALE to MALE?

My Tablet is a WM8560 and has a Dongle which connects to the port at the bottom of the Tablet and provides FEMALE USB connectors and  Ethernet.

I need a Male to Male correct and not ACTIVE?

I can't find one in any stores nearby.  I wonder if I can get a Micro Male to standard Male adapter then I am set!!


Strictly, there are no male/female USB connections. There are just the different types. The connections are the same, regardless of shape.


Can I ask this please.  They sell a USB A Male to USB a Male non active would that work?  I am referring to the ADK MEga.  One of those USB ports make the ADK except external USB devices such as the Android.  But if My Android does not have a Micro A or Micro B but just a USB A then I would need a USB A Male to USB A Male correct?  The MEGA ADK has a USB female end to except these devices right?  The other connector is for the Mega ADK to PC a standard USB cable.

I don't think your answer was helpful at all.  Is there a Document on this to show me the different USB cable configurations?  I am guessing that the only other possible one I would need which I have is a USB A Male to USB Micro A or B male for Android devices that have the female Micro connection.

Mine is a tablet with a port that takes a Dongle that has 2 USB Female connectors and 1 Ethernet.  No Micro on it!!


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Which version of Android are you using on that tablet. A quick google shows it running 2.2. The Open Accessory Protocol originally required Android 3.1, and was back-ported to 2.3.4, but isn't supported on 2.2.


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Are you aware of the difference between a USB host and a USB device ?  You connect a host to a device, the arduino is a device so it needs connecting to a host, I have an android phone with a micro USB connector, it is also a device and is intended to be connected to a host (eg a PC). It cannot be connected to another USB device such as an Arduino.  Some tablets can be used as USB hosts (and many cannot) , but they usually have either the familiar rectangular socket as used on PCs or a proprietry connector intended to be used with their cable.  


@Pluggy - The OP has an ADK board, which has a host interface on board.


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This android is a 2.3 version WM8650 with a dongle that supplies 2 USB and 1 ethernet port.

Since there is still no clear cut answer to my question I have to go with a NON ACTIVE Standard USB Male A to USB Male A cable.

One to connect to ADK and the other to connect to Android.

I see that Android version 2.2 won't be supported!!

Well then Microbridge time!!


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