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Thanks for the help and info.  I'm working through my source code to work with this library instead of the SD.  I have much of the conversion done, but I have a few methods I was using that I'm not sure are the equivalent for the SdFat library.  Is there some documentation available that will show me the methods available?  Specifically, I need equivalent of these:  Create directory, delete file and/or overwrite a file, check if a file is in existence.



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The methods are documented in html generated by doxygen.  

Click on SdFat.html in the unzipped SdFatBeta20120825 directory and explore the Classes tab.

Most of the important methods are illustrated in the examples in the SdFat/examples folder.

There are also examples in the SdFatBeta20120825/extras/exampleV1 folder.  These are older but demonstrate rewrite, seek, remove, and other basic methods.

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