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Hello,guys I have Iphone 3GS camera which is disassembled from the original Iphone, and I want somehow to connect it to arduino and pass the video feed from the camera threw microcontroller and visualizate it in my computer, so then I can apply computer vision algorithms. ;)

Any idea what can I use in order to power up the camera and start making some video ?


Arduino and Video do not go together.  If you want to work with Video you really need a microprocessor platform, not a microcontroller.
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Why not just use a webcam and software running on your computer? What's the arduino for in this project, and why do you need it?


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If I can connect this camera directly to my computer and get video feed that will be great, but I am not sure what connector this camera use, and how to connect it at all.

I want to use this camera,because its small and perfect for my needs.
If I go to market and buy a webcam it will be way big, and the fps will suck so bad.
I need a  camera for computer vision project, so I need something that will not slow the fps frame even in full dark room.


A Button camera is really small and can be used as a webcam
Not sure how well it would work in a dark room, you may need to add some extra IR lights for that.

If you want to process video then you need something like a Raspberry Pi.


but I am not sure what connector this camera use,

Therefore if you don't know what is coming out of your camera you can't do anything with it.
It is your camera so unless you post more information about it like the model number and make and maybe even a link to it or better its data sheet then no one can help you connect it up.

It is likely you will need a video digitiser or frame grabber to access the images from it. The sort of thing you would use to transfer video tape into a computer.

This is not an arduino project.


I know that this is not an answer to you question but may be an answer to you problem.  There are some cameras that have a TTL serial interface.
Such as:

There are probably others.  I am still looking for a cheaper solution.

I do not know what kind of frame rate you can get out of these cameras but they will easily interface to an Arduino.

I hope this help.  If not, forget I said anything.


but they will easily interface to an Arduino.

Will they?


but they will easily interface to an Arduino.

Will they?

The speak async serial at TTL level.  So you would open a serial connection and read and write.

Possible problems?  Most Arduinos are already using the serial port to talk to the IDE.  One exception is the MEGA2560 which has extra ports.
A work around is the Soft Serial library which "bit bangs" the serial link.


Yes a JPEG file, just how usefull is that in an arduino?
There is not enough room to decode it, all you can do is to pass it on. So what is the arduino doing for you ...... Nothing.


Exactly. I agree with Grumpy_Mike....Usually, the Arduino isn't the best choice for camera projects.

Good luck on your project, though!

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