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I hope I have posted in the right topic - if not please accept my apologies!

I have just started working my way through 30 Projects for an Evil Genius on the Arduino.  One of the items I had to buy was a 270 ohm resistor.  I bought 5 as they are quite cheap but I am wondering as I build up my supply of electrical components how I will remember that those ones are 270 ohm? 

Is it just a case of putting them in a box labelled as such or is there a better method?




Are they leaded components or surface mount.

I the first they have coloured bands that tell you the value, if SMDs they usually have a code that does the same.

That said most people have plastic boxes with labels, like fishing tackle storage boxes.

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Would the coloured stripes on the resistors happen to be red-purple-brown perchance?  google "resistor colour codes"
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Thanks both - not sure what type they are but they are blue with three little stripes on.  I will look into colour codes and file them in my box accordingly!

Thanks again.



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