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Hi everyone,
I spent the last week building a small Robot with 4 HK Servos.
The aim is to make it controllable by a TV remote, the board already features a 3-pin socket for an infrared diode.
To keep it slow I am using a 3.7V LiPo, the code is tested on the Arduino and then uploaded to an ATtiny.
There is still a long way to go but the robot is already balancing on one foot which was the most difficult part.


Love it :) 

I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress on this. 
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Looks really nice, good design. Looking forward to more on this one.


It's alive!
The two upper servos have been added today.
It took some time to program the movement and I didnt really think it would work but see for yourselves:
There is still a lot to improve, it only walks on perfectly even surfaces.
After that the next step will be walking in directions and making a turn.


Great work

Interested in how your controlling the servos I never managed to successfully control more than one servo with AtTiny85 - though was a while back last I tried. Is it a library or self written?


The worlds first body-popping robot... :-)

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Hai ,

Where can I find the schematic of the biped robot please

Kind regards

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