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I installed Maria Mole, and when I attempt to compile, I get a gcc not found.

Here is a snipit of the output

Code: [Select]
C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-gcc -c "C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino\WInterrupts.c" -o "C:\Temp\arduino\core\WInterrupts.c.o"  -g -Os -Wall -fno-exceptions -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -MMD -DARDUINO=101 -DUSB_VID=null -DUSB_PID=null -mmcu=atmega2560 -DF_CPU=16000000L -l "C:\Temp\arduino\core\corelib_mega2560" -I"c:\documents and settings\all users\documents\mariamole\MyBlink\source" -I"C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino" -I"C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\arduino\variants\mega" -I"C:\arduino-1.0.5\libraries "C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\My Documents\MariaMole\Libs""
avr-gcc: and: No such file or directory
avr-gcc: Settings\Mark\My: No such file or directory
avr-gcc: Documents\MariaMole\Libs: No such file or directory

Note the first part has no delimiter between "C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\" and "C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-gcc"

I would like to change the path (to fix) but can't seem to find where Maria Mole stores such settings.

Any help?
Thanks, Mark.


I installed Maria Mole,

A link to what Maria Mole is, as was requested in your other thread, would be useful.

Note the first part has no delimiter between "C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\" and "C:\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-gcc"

I don't see what you are talking about.

I do see that this:
-I"C:\arduino-1.0.5\libraries "C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\My Documents\MariaMole\Libs""

appears to be a problem. The inner " may need to be escaped.

You might try installing the MariaMole stuff in a path with no spaces in the name.



If you examine the first line of my output, the first part reads;


But, looking close, you will see, right in the middle, "C:\ardu... "

So, it cannot find the compiler because that path looks like it was supposed to be 2 parts, but is one long part.


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