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I am running a virtual xp guest in a fedora host. Within the guest i am trying to use X-CTU to update firmware, via the Adruino uno and the XBee pro shield. when i try to read, write or test the port, i get the Action required screen. Resetting the board or recovering its firmware bares no fruit. I am able to use the Arduino software withtin the virtual environment but i cannot use the X-CTU. can anyone shed some light as to what i may be doing wrong?

Thanx in advance


can anyone shed some light as to what i may be doing wrong?

Other than running X-CTU, you haven't really told us what you are doing, so it's hard to say what of that is wrong.

Have you removed the ATMega328 chip from the Arduino? That is necessary if you want to use it as a carrier for the shield while configuring the XBee. Be sure to note which way it goes for when you want to put it back.
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yes i removed it. I want to configure the modem as a coordinator to try and establish a network with other zigbee models from the cirronet family


ok i got it working. it was the dout din  jumpers. thanx for your help

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