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I am very new to all of this and I've got a question that I really don't know how to even ask. Let me describe my situation and then maybe someone here can tell me 1) if it can be done and 2) where I should look to learn how to do it. I'm such a novice, I don't even know how to research my question.

I'd like to do this in baby steps, but the end goal is to build a cross platform, graphical user interface that basically takes a file and loads the data into an array that is uploaded on the Arduino Mega. (Right now, I've made a simple C++ script that I run through a command prompt. It reads the .txt file and then builds the Arduino sketch based on the data it finds in the .txt file. Then, I have to copy the text into the Arduino software and upload that to the board. I want to streamline and idiot proof this process so that the end user can simply double click an icon, load a .txt file, choose a couple of parameters and then click "upload" and the program will build the code and upload it to the Arduino)

Is this something that is realistically doable? Where should I go to learn what I need to learn? Are there any good tutorials? How can I succinctly state my question to maximize the effectiveness of my Google searches? (I'm somewhat familiar with C++ and that's about it, by the way ... ...)



You can use the STK500 protocol to ask the bootloader to write data into FLASH memory on the Arduino.  You can find documentation for the STK500 protocol on the Atmel website.

As an alternative you can use the same "avrdude" program that the Arduino IDE uses.  It takes a .hex file and copies it to the FLASH memory using the bootloader.
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You can also invoke the compiler/linker from the command line or a make file, so there is no need to use the IDE at all.


Hey Paul, could you give me some more details about invoking the compiler from a make file? I'll do some Google searching also. I'm definitely a novice here so any help is appreciated!


I'll do some Google searching also.

Where you'll find more than you ever wanted to know.

Enable verbose mode in the IDE when compiling (how depends on which version of the IDE you are trying to avoid using), to see what commands it invokes when you compile/link/upload.

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