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Hello guys

For a project at the university I want to work with the new Arduino GSM shield which is based on the M10 Quectel GSM chip. I want to ask, if here is somebody who can ship me one of this shield? I would be very happy, if this would be possible!

Thanks a lot for your answers.


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Oh yes I want to place an order. But I couldn't find the module in any shop. Do you know who I could ask (maybe Gianluca Martino who designed the board)?

I am not sure if the series production has started yet. If not, I would be happy to get a demo board.


Are you referring to http://labs.arduino.cc/GPRS/Index ? That page hasn't been updated since July 2011. I suspect it's been parked.


There are some real ones here:  http://goo.gl/DtEcd

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