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I have been working with the arduino and have been having troubles with interfacing it with an LCD 5v from sparkfun.

my problem is
set up the lcd with 4 and then 8 bit
using the LCD header file and cpp files in the hardware libraries.

LCD pin1 GND
LCD pin2 5v
LCD pin3 10k pot from pin2
LCD pin4-pin6 RS-RW-E
LCD Pin7-14 Datalines
LCD pin15-16 LED Back light

my problems start by just pluging the thing in. the Contrast only works correct if I plug the thing to ground. I don't this this is right. The pot should be on the voltage side?

The only thing that I have been able to get out of the thing is
it sets and then boots and then it displays two four blocks

XXXX  - full blocks

Does anyone have an idea as to what is going on?



What exact model are you using? Are you using the lcd4bit or the liquidcrystal library? Tie pin 5 to ground. See if that helps.


Thanks what the pin 5 all about?


You can read data from the lcd or something. If not needed, just ground the pin and it works.

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