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I have a seagate Goflex home, with full root privledges.

I am wanting to attach the Arduino UNO purely for the Serial communcation of it.

I know the GOflex has a native Serial port on the inside, but this requires opening up the unit and soldering wires or whatever, and its a nice shiny box :lol:

However, I just want to download and install the FTDI drivers so I can communicate with a the unit as this is connected to my homje network at all times and I can use the features of the GoFlex home to sort it.

Details of the GOFlex is that it is is just a NAS drive, runs RedHat linux (embedded) and is a cut down version. There is the option to get root on it and I can access through putty / SSH, but it is totally headless, so I am not interested in installing the full UNO IDE.

Any ideas how to start this?



I have a Seagate Dockstar which is the forerunner of the Goflex.  I hacked it and installed Debian on it from here : http://projects.doozan.com/debian/  Its more than capable of bricking your box but apparently it works on the Goflex as well.  Have a mosy on the linked forum.

The Debian has the driver for The Uno and Duemilanove built in. I get stuff out of the Arduino using Bash shell scripts using STTY and tail. 

The Uno doesn't use FTDI drivers by the way.

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