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i have an LCD screen that I'm trying to work with (First Time with LCD)
and im trying to figure out a solder-less solution i.e. ribbon connector.
can you help me identify which connector i need?
(picture attached)

Thanks in adavance

jack wp

Can you provide a URL to the device?


Thank you for the quick response
i have 2 at home and the only place i found info on these is eBay
let me know if you find more detail

Thank you!

jack wp

Sorry, I don't see anything that I know about there. Maybe someone else one here will. give it a bit of time, they may be asleep at the moment. LOL


look for a edge card connector.  measure the contact spacing and board thickness to complete the specification.
Most are made for pc boards but you can solder ribbon cable to them.


whats the best way (Tool?) to measure the thickness of a flexible flat cable?

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