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"OK. Is there a way to program the boot loader using Atmel Studio and theSTK-500 or Dragon?"
I don't know. I have loaded bootloader using MKii programmer, as that is what I  have.

"Within the Arduino software, is the AVR ISP MKii the only programmer that supports the
ICSP programming for a non-Arduino board?"
Umm, what is meant by non-Arduino board?
For example, I bootload ATMega1284 boards within the IDE using MKii and my bootloade, then download sketch method. That's technically a non-arduino board.
All the clones I make are technically non-Arduino boards, altho I program  them with Uno bootloader to capture the fuse configuration and then load my sketch, sometimes using USB/serial interface and sometimes using the ICSP interface.
For '328s, other programmers will work also, such as

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OK. So, is there a boot loader hex file I can can use to program the boot loader
using a Dragon or the STK-500 ICSP feature? Not sure where to locate the actual boot
loader file .


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