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Hello everyone,
I have a good question. I'm pretty new on transfering data to display controler and I actually have a little project.
I'm curently working on making an old jukebox (Picture) like a new.
This jukebox was working with CDs. So I removed the CDs modules and I put a computer in it. I interfaced the front panel with an Arduino and a homemade software on the computer. I renew the interior, but trying my best to keep his original apparence outside.

Everything working perfectly excluding the display. I have a 16 digit/16 segment display controlled by the chip "MSC1937-01" (PDF Datasheet)

My question is there : is it possible to interface this chip with the Arduino? I would like to control the display to keep everything, as possible, like his original apparence.

Thank you and have a nice day.


Hey guys,
I would prefer a "it's not possible" than a silence :P


That chip is a micro controller like the arduino so it is not designed to be controlled it is designed to control.
If you could replace the outputs of the chip with arduino outputs then you would be able to program it to do what you want.
However the chip also has inputs, like switches, you could replace these with an arduino to automatically press the switches if you want.
It depends on what you want to do.


hey, i'm sorry... I probably copy the wrong link.

here is the datasheet of the display chip MSC1937-01
83C51FA is the micro conctroler in the jukebox.

Sorry for the mistake.

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